Our bodies NEED our immune system to function properly.

This is why it is so important for us to learn ALL THE WAYS that we can support our body.

Our immune system is what protects us from all the things that we come in contact with daily.

 Bacteria, viruses, parasites and all the YUCK that comes with seasons changing. 

Fall is here causing our immune system to be even more challenged, SO LET’S CHAT.



  1. SLEEP!!

Who has time to sleep??   I mean seriously.  It’s the first thing to go when my schedule is tight.  Late nights are usually dedicated to work, personal development, journaling or reading.  OR catching up on a show or two with my husband, because let’s face it… adulting isn’t for the weak. 


However, when we get the proper amount of sleep our body thanks us by:

  1. Body heals as we sleep
  2. Communication among our cells take place
  3. Helps our body fight inflammation
  4. Increases production of antibodies
  5. Can improve immunological memory

Let your body sleep!! The madness can wait until morning.

Your winter immune system will thank you.

  1. STRESS!!

“I need to do about a million things by 9:00 AM,” says the 8:00 AM me.

Mamas, we are human, incredible, magical super human moms, but still… human.

Don’t let the challenges of the day make you feel the overwhelming feelings of stress.

Stress stinks and it’s going to happen but don’t stress the small things.  I have to remind myself daily, of this.  I used to stress about all the things and then I asked myself why?

  • Is it more important to have a clean house or a happy child? 
  • Is it more important to have clean dishes or a full little belly?

It will be there for me tomorrow. We live in such a fast-paced world with unrealistic expectations, just be unapologetically you. Take care of yourself, your babies and family and live your best life.

Because stress is NO BUENO:

  1. Nearly every system in the body is impacted
  2. Chronic unreleased stress, suppresses the immune system
  3. Affects our heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, muscle tension, digestion, among others
  4. Prolonged stress can impact the nervous system
  5. Can lessen adrenaline secretion and increase corticosteroid secretion (inhibit immune cells)
  6. Can breakdown bodily resources if the body is unable to cope



Do I really have to expand on this??

Friends, if you don’t wash your hands… we can’t be friends. It is just gross you guys. 

SO MUCH YUCK collected on your hands throughout the day that is now on everything else.

When I was in high school we did an activity in my health class relating to the distribution of illnesses, germs and diseases.  While the concept behind the activity was much more extreme than hand washing the idea behind it is brilliant.  Things get spread if you don’t use precautions… use them.

  1. Research your current soap, potentially dangerous ingredients
  2. Ditch the antibacterial soap that carries all kinds of potential health risks (RESEARCH!!)
  3. Switch to a natural hand soap that minimizes germs without dangerous chemicals



Gut health is so important you guys!!

Healthy gut keeps our immune systems happy. 

Healthy Gut = Healthy Immune System


  1. Take a good quality probiotic (Life 9 and MightyPro)



I’m not talking running a marathon, although that WOULD be awesome.

For most of us that aren’t quite as awesome, a gentle workout can give your body support.

I love a good workout, the sweat and accomplishment that come with it, feel incredible. 

It’s the consistency that I struggle with, anyone else feel me?  Heck, I know there is.


I’m on a health journey, one that I’ll share with you all in this space.

Some days it is difficult for me to find the energy, we all face that at times.

Whatever amount of time, reps, stretches you can do…  Love yourself for it.

Challenge yourself, but be proud that you woke up today and made it happen.

Even when it was difficult, your body will thank you.


  1. Provides stress relief
  2. Increases blood circulation, breathing and heart rate WHICH can help blood cells
  3. Raises body temperature, inhibiting bacterial growth



I love love LOVE to bake and cook, one of my many passions in life. 

I’ll share recipes here that I have won over my family with.

I’ll help crush the myth that clean, delicious food is tasteless.

 Because we all know that fruits and vegetables are SO DANG GOOD FOR YOU.


Picky Eater ALERT!!

 My daughter (4), it’s a struggle; I hide fruits and vegetables when I can.

All our systems in our body run on vitamins and minerals. 


Here’s what we know from diet:


  1. Produce is loaded with concentrations of vitamins
  2. Source of dietary fiber
  3. Red meat is linked  to a host of other health problems, limit intake
  4. Avoid, or decrease, smoking and alcohol consumption



Let’s chat supplements shall we?

 Even if you commit to the six above sometimes things happen, life happens.

Supplements can fill those gaps and provide our body with the building blocks that it needs.


Find Supplements and Products:


  1. Pure, Organic and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
  2. Supplements that build your immune system

Want to learn more about health and wellness?

Follow along as we navigate supporting our body together a few days a week.


Resource Credit: Lindsey Elmore