If you are in love with your oils, trying new ones, refilling favorites, or wanting to replace all of your household products such as cleaning supplies, skin care, and supplements with a less toxic alternative from Young Living, Essential Rewards (ER) is the way to go. Unless of course you despise things that are free.

ER requires only 50PV (roughly $50) per month in order to earn points (read: store credit) on every ER order. After only 24 months, you will get 25% back on each of your ER orders. Yes, it's true. Plus, in addition to points (read: store credit), you can ALSO earn free ER Bonus oils and products on each monthly promo, every. single. month.

Autoship programs can be scary, we get it. This one, not so much. YOU have total flexibility with your monthly item selection AND ship date. You'll get what you want, when you want it, with discounted shipping or free shipping (yes they have a program for that too)!
Cancel anytime with no questions asked, just be sure to use your points first!

Can it get better?
As if ER wasn't rewarding enough...
Young Living will ALSO send you bonus gifts during your first year on ER including an exclusive "Loyalty" blend at 12 months. This is what you'll receive:
3 Months: 5 ML Peppermint Vitality
6 Months: 5 ML Thieves
9 Months: 15 ML Tea Tree
12 Months: 5 ML Loyalty Blend

How Do I Get Started?


FIRST OPTION (Purchasing Your Starter Kit): IF you are purchasing your Premium Starter Kit and would like to enroll in Essential Rewards you will click the yes tab below your kit selection. Then it will ask if you'd like to use your Premium Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards (ER) order. At that point you can hit YES and instantly qualify for the first Monthly Promo. If you would like to add on additional items, you will be able to do that as well once completing your account set up steps.

SECOND OPTION (Already Purchased Your Starter Kit): IF you already have purchased your Premium Starter Kit and would like to become an Essential Rewards member click the Essential Rewards tab in your Virtual Office. Select your date and your products, then kick back and get ready to celebrate your birthday (or Christmas) every single month. Don't forget to change your items for next month. Contact me today with any questions!


Truly, there isn't one! You can cancel ER anytime, and there are no fees to sign up.


You won't. Take a quick moment and think about all of the products you buy monthly: everything from laundry detergent to cleaners to vitamins to toothpaste to deodorant to baby to pets to cooking to nearly EVERYTHING. Now think about replacing them with safe and natural alternatives from Young Living.Plus, share your wholesale discount with friends, and you can get a surprise check. So much more than just oils. Also, Goodbye Target.