My Young Living Story

My Young Living Story

People always ask me, "Why Young Living? Why Did you Start This Journey?" The beauty of this two-part question is that every single person has a very different answer. We are all unique. We all have a story that's unique. That's where the PASSION lies.

Every single successful entrepreneur has voiced their "why." The life-changing purpose that they bring to the world. What drives them to dig deep and stay focused through the challenges. It's what drives them to continue to strive for a dream that feels so vividly real, until it is real. Entrepreneurs aren't "special." I'm not special. Entrepreneurs work hard. Entrepreneurs persevere. Entrepreneurs love. We all come from different backgrounds, some more messy than others. The messy part, that is what others can relate to. It's what makes us authentic and unique. It's what all connects us together.

So, let's do something together... Let's close our eyes. Take a deep breath. Relax.

I want you to feel what your life would be if every single one of your dreams came true. Big dreams. Little dreams. Smell the smells. Feel the emotions. Visualize the routine. As you do, ask yourself... What do I feel?

Happiness? Comfort? Peace? Passion? Fulfillment? Success?....Connect to each of these emotions, feel these emotions. All of them. Lean in. Now, imagine life as it is presently. Do you feel the same emotions you did seconds ago? The same happiness? The same comfort? Peace? Passion? Fulfillment? Success? If you do, that's wonderful. I am so incredibly happy for you. If your heart sunk. If you felt everything being ripped away and your dreams shattered... hear me out.

The brain is powerful. It can make dreams feel real. It can make dreams become real. We have control. It has taken me years to realize that. So when I get asked the two-part question...Why Young Living? Why this journey? The answer is simple. Young Living gives me purpose. Young Living gives me freedom.

I had reached a point in my life that when I looked in the mirror, the reflection was of someone less than I wanted to be. Less than I knew I could be. I felt lost. I felt alone. I felt broken. Too often in life we go through the motions, brush things under the rug, continue with our routine, day after day, week after week, and nothing changes. Why? It's comfortable. Then, we realize that years have passed, yet our dreams still remain just that, dreams. This is part of my dream. Part of my why. I want to help others fill that void, feel their purpose. I want to help others break through their comfort zones. I want to help others feel wellness in their body. I want to help others live their life through abundance. I want to help others feel their purpose. No dreams are too big. But here's the thing... Dreams are only wishes until we put them into action. I want to help others take action, take control and live a life of freedom.

So why Young Living? It's a vehicle to impact the world, impact lives, as I want to. The world will try to leave marks on you. What are you doing to leave your mark on the world?