The Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get your foot in the door with oiling.

The kit includes twelve amazing oils and a beautiful diffuser. Once you grab your kit, you will receive a welcome gift from me with some cheat sheets, a reference guide and some fun goodies to help you get started on your oiley journey. You can also expect videos from me walking you through how to use each of your oils. So easy!

Below you will find a breakdown of what's included within this kit

1. Diffuser of Choice: Four Different Options, All are Amazing.

  • Dew Drop Diffuser
  • Desert Mist Diffuser
  • Aria Diffuser
  • Rainstone Diffuser

  1. Digize Vitality:
    TIP: Add a drop or two to capsule after a meal
    1. Digestive Support
    2. Antioxidant Properties
  2. Peppermint Vitality:
    TIP: Combine Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint in diffuser or roll-on for seasonal support
    1. Helps Curb Appetite
    2. Great for Afternoon Pick Me Up
  3. Citrus Fresh Vitality:
    TIP: Add to water for a citrusy mint twist
    1. Bright Aroma (think citrus with a hint of mint)
    2. Add to chicken, salmon or gourmet salads
  4. Thieves Vitality:
    TIP: Yummy in Tea
    1. Immune System Support
    2. Respiratory System Support
  5. Lemon Vitality:
    TIP: Put in Water for Gentle Detox (always use glass, stainless steel, or ceramic because it will interact with plastic, no one wants that yuck)
    1. Supports Liver, Lymphatic Systems
    2. Supports Immune System
  6. Raven:
    TIP: Diffuse or put on Pillow at night
    1. Apply topically to Chest and Throat
    2. Diffuse or Apply Pre or Post Workout

  1. Lavender:
    TIP: Great in Diffuser or On Feet before bed for restful nights sleep
    1. Calming Spa-Like Aroma
    2. All Things Skin
  2. Stress Away:
    TIP: Fabulous for chilling out on those stressful days of GO GO GO
    1. Promotes Relaxation
    2. Perfect As Perfume
  3. Frankincense:
    TIP: Diffuse or Apply during Meditation
    1. Grounding
    2. Use For Glowing Skin
  4. Panaway:
    TIP: Apply after waking up with a stiff neck
    1. Use on Muscles after Workouts
    2. Great for growing kids
  5. Peace and Calming:
    TIP: Use during your children's bedtime and yourself after house has settled down
    1. Comforting
    2. Creates Peaceful Environment
  6. Valor:
    TIP: Use before presentation, going to event, or engaging in nerve-racking activites
    1. Inspires Confidence and Courage
    2. Creates Grounded Environment


  1. Thieves Spray
  2. Thieves Hand Purifier
  3. Roller Fitments
  4. Ningxia Red

  1. Literature
  2. Access to Our Community
  3. Gift From Me To Help Start Your Oily Journey